Endorsements are in…

I have exciting news to share! Over the last few months, the campaign has witnessed a groundswell of support from voters, community leaders, elected officials and advocacy organizations. Many people share our vision for Colorado where we have an economy that works for everyone.

This week I received big news. I am one of very few state legislative candidates in Colorado (Democratic or Republican) to be cross-endorsed by both the AFL-CIO, Colorado’s voice for workers and unions, and CACI, the statewide chamber of commerce. If we want to tackle the difficult issues facing our state, like educational opportunity for all kids, TABOR reform, and health care access, we need to work together to find solutions, not blame. Both groups were inspired by my commitment to serve the people of Colorado with integrity and to make informed decisions based on the best interests of the residents of this great state.

To find out more about the individuals and groups who have endorsed my campaign for Senate District 21, please visit the Endorsement tab on this site. As always, I would be happy to speak with you about any issue that you may have questions about.

– Jessie

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