Walking the walk…

As you know, I’ve been knocking on doors throughout the district to connect one-on-one with voters. On Monday night, I enjoyed a great conversation with an unaffiliated voter named Bobby who lives in Belle Creek. We sat on his front porch as the sun set and discussed issues ranging from the economy to job creation to immigration. Bobby shared with me his “truck driver wisdom” and expressed frustration with our current political system, where so many people “talk the talk,” but so few folks “walk the walk.”

In this fast paced campaign atmosphere, I think it’s so important that my actions closely align with my values. I let Bobby know that my campaign literature and signs were printed by local businesses that employ union workers, my t-shirts were made in the U.S.A. and my campaign funds are held in a local credit union account. I believe we build an economy that works for everyone by supporting good, local jobs and by remaining committed to our values of integrity, opportunity and fairness.

Bobby expressed appreciation that I was sitting on his porch, and that I was “walking the walk,” which was promised on my campaign mailers. With our conversation concluded, he promptly asked for a yard sign and planted it where his neighbors could see his show of support. He is ready to “walk the walk” on Election Day in support of my campaign.

We are now only 26 days from the Election and I need to talk with many more voters like Bobby before they cast their ballots.

Can I count on you to walk with me?

We are meeting every Saturday to knock on doors and talk with voters. Email me at Jessie@JessieForColorado.com for more details about locations/times. We are so close to the finish line, and I need your help once again to make it to the end!

Thanks for your continued support,

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